How much is this going to cost?

Discovery calls Free! 
Consultations £300 
Comprehensive stool test £379 
Weekly support £30 
The 4-step programme* £999 

 *2 consultations, stool test plus on-going support for as long as you need it. 

 Supplements/therapeutics not included in these costs.  

The Discovery Call

Talk to me more about my 4-step programme and see if you’d like to do this or just have a one-off consultation initially. If you decide to move onto the programme the £300 will be taken off the £999. Book in for a consultation face to face or via Zoom. 

Please fill out the form on this site and I’ll call you as soon as I can.
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Talk about how your symptoms are impacting your work, relationships, life....
Talk to me more about my 4 step system.
 Book in for a consultation face to face or via Zoom.
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The four step programme:


Do you want to be able to go to out and about without worrying where the nearest loo is? Would you like to have a regular bowel movement and not feel backed up for days? Would you like to not look bloated and fit in your clothes all day long? Would you like to have more energy, clearer skin, less brain fog, get rid of your heart burn? 

Addressing gut health can help with all of these things, but it takes time. Basically, around 12 weeks. My programme runs for this long so that we can take time together to find out what works for you and the root cause of your symptoms. 

The first step is to have a free discovery call to tell me a little bit about yourself and your symptoms and see if you’d like to work with me.


Check out 'The System' page on this site for the practical steps of this programme. The bit you need to know about the most is how fully supported you feel working through the steps. You are able to message for advice, send pictures of your food for instant comments (within reason, a girl's got to sleep!) but more than anything, feel I'm here to hold your hand and know you're not alone. If I'm honest, I end up being friends with most of my clients by the end of the programme as talking shit (in both senses of the word) removes a lot of barriers! 

To really find out what could be behind your symptoms I turn to functional testing - it's a great way to see what’s really going on inside. Once we have the results, I design a bespoke programme tailored to your results that will address any underlying imbalances and which we can tackle over the 12-week period together. This may necessitate taking therapeutics that address any imbalances that come up either short term or long-term depending on what is revealed on the test report (not included in package). 


I normally use a comprehensive digestive stool analysis (which will involve pooing into a tray and taking out samples to put into tubes – sorry but have to be honest here!). The cost of these tests is included in the price of the programme. 

This type of testing can tell us if your diarrhoea is due to a nasty bug you could have picked up from travelling or from food poisoning or because you’re just not digesting your food properly. Is the constipation because the balance of bacteria in your gut is out of whack due to stress, long term use of antibiotics or a history of eating badly (which usually starts around the time you go to university or move away from home…..). Either way, functional testing is a great tool for finding out what's really going on.

If you'd like more information book in for a free discovery call.

- Testimonials -

Hear from the people who've worked my four step system:
I slept through the night - without needing to go to the loo - for the first time in 20 years! All in all I am so grateful to you, I feel so much better.

IBS sufferer - 39 years old

Still eating healthily and staying on the regime. I’m extremely conscious of what I’m eating and when I eat. 
All in all I am so grateful to you, I feel so much better. 

39 year old male, West Sussex

I am doing very well. Tummy was a little unhappy for a while over Christmas, but put that down to rich food and wine. Back on track now with healthier options and feeling great.

56 year old female, West Sussex

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