January 6, 2020

Running the gauntlet in the food aisles

Supermarket food shopping for me is like running a gauntlet – mostly so that I’m not tempted by the smell of the freshly baked bread and cakes coming from the bakery (or by the many 2 for 1 offers that always seem to be available, whatever time of year) but mainly because of obstacles that are my current and past clients. Now,this may sound rude but it’s actually quite a funny situation as they’re trying to avoid me and I’m trying to avoid them – not because it’s a bad relationship but because sods law, that’s the day they’ve got loads of chocolate or something deemed ‘bad’ in their trolley and mine’s full of Prosecco and pizza!

However, along with the pizza and prosecco there will always be vegetables and fruit in abundance in my trolley, especially seasonal and local if the supermarket stocks this. According to the National Food & Nutrition Survey, fruit and vegetable consumption is currently 2.9 portions per day (should be 5+) so filling your trolley up with fruit and vegetables and trying to include them at every meal is a goal to work towards and something that Nutritionists recommend as the first port of call in a consultation.

The way I practice is everything in moderation – as long as we don’t eat all the pizzas and drink all the prosecco we’ll be alright, just make sure you have a big salad with your pizza and drink lots of water with the Prosecco and make it a Friday night treat....

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