January 20, 2021

Case study 1 - Male, 42

Main health concerns: Bloating in the lower abdomen all day, fatigue/exhaustion, mental fog

Following an accident the year before, the client had not felt well and had been, in his words, "miserable". Before the accident, he was fit and well and had never had any health concerns. Client has travelled widely with work and leisure and is a keen sportsman.

Following his operation, the client had a secondary infection which necessitated various course of antibiotics. He was also put on lansoprazole and spasmonal following a period of heartburn and bloating. Client had also had a colonoscopy to rule out any inflammatory bowel diseases.

Client had made some changes himself and was following a mainly Keto diet, avoiding gluten and dairy, taking a poly-biotic food supplement which had abated his wind but not the bloating or lack of energy.

The first stage in this clients programme was to take a comprehensive stool sample. Whilst we were waiting for the results I advised the client to implement the low FODMAP diet. Client was not keen to spend time on full elimination so concentrated on the most common FODMAPs (wheat, dairy, onions, garlic and apples) and from this he worked out that garlic worsened his bloating.

The stool sample revealed dysbiosis (imbalance of gut bacteria) and also a parasite and the client was recommended to take various therapeutics to eliminate the parasite and re-build the microbiome according to his individual results.

Client was also advised to balance his blood sugar by eating well balanced meals regularly to help with energy levels and to reduce alcohol consumption.

Five months on and the client is still eating a Keto diet but is including a variety of vegetables too. He has reduced his alcohol consumption and continues to avoid garlic and gluten. He has lost 5kg and is feeling good and the bloating? Gone unless he eats something with garlic or gluten in it or has too many drinks in one night.... In his words:

"All good, def managing things better. Had some pesto last week forgetting about garlic in it🙄. Bloating settled within a few hours. Had leeks recently and no probs - suspect when raw and concentrated might be a bit stronger. Generally though, things are in the 90% bracket!"

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