January 5, 2021

I regularly get asked "what products do you regularly use" so I thought I’d put them all in one place!  I don’t collaborate (or whatever the trendy word is for promoting these products) with any of the companies that I’m recommending - they are just ones I use regularly and have done for years and in particular over the last year, have helped keep me fit, healthy and sane:

I LOVE Chillys stainless steel reusable bottles and they have just started personalising them which is very handy if you have lots of members of your family.  Fill regularly with filtered water and sling in your bag so that you never get thirsty.  https://www.chillysbottles.com/uk

Lucy Wyndham-Read for free home workout content! I’ve also paid for lots of her e-books which link to even more content and are very reasonably priced. I started off doing the beginner version and walking in between exercises, I can now do the hard version and jog in between - very proud, who needs the gym (can’t go anyway right now!)…. https://www.lwrfitness.com

Another great investment over the Summer was a TRX suspension trainer (give it a Google if you’ve not heard of them because to explain it gets all bit Fifty Shades….). I managed to get it cemented into the wall but can also be hung from doorframes and in trees. You basically use your own body weight to train - mine is considerably heavier right now after 2 weeks of mince pie consumption so having to work very hard against my own load! https://www.trxtraining.co.uk

Cytoplan food state Vitamin D3 (or Vitamin D3 + K2 to improve levels).  Well priced and made from lichen so suitable for everyone.  This vitamin plays a role in many systems in the body but most importantly now (vis a vis Covid) the immune system.  Buy from The Natural Dispensary with the code NAR015 for 15% off https://naturaldispensary.co.uk

Cherry juice by Active Edge, don’t really know where to start with its benefits but a major one is for sleep and it also increases one of the bacteria in your microbiome (A Caccae), a butyrate producer which is a major energy source for your gut. Check it out - makes water delicious and great for kids! Can be bought from the Natural Dispensary too. https://naturaldispensary.co.uk

Susanna & Daughters kefir by the Cowdray Estate - the best one I’ve tried and tastes great. Kefir is a cultured fermented milk and is full of beneficial bacteria for your gut. https://susanaanddaughters.co.ukwhich you can buy from The Cowdray Estate farm shop, West Sussex if you are local.  Start slowly with all fermented products to avoid bloating.

Another great site for fermented drinks and bone broth is Boil & Broth – they have a great range of kefir water as well as amazing bone broths which are very healing and taste great – add to soups and stews for extra nutrition.  Use the code 0220 for 5% off. www.boilandbroth.com

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