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Improve your health and well-being by rethinking your lifestyle and how you eat....

39 year old male  |  “lifetime of constant upset stomach”, hernia, Barrats Syndrome, esophagitis.

Client followed low-FODMAP diet for 6 weeks whilst taking suggested supplements to heal gut and re-populate with good bacteria.

This client fully embraced the programme and had amazing results virtually overnight (he used to have to go to the loo in the middle of the night) so slept all the way through for the first time in about 20 years.

The programme really helped with his other health issues too and he has started to reduce his PPI in conjunction with his doctor.

Hi Nicola. Hope you are well. Just a quick update on me and all I can say is top banana. Still eating healthy and staying on the regime. I’m extremely conscious of what I’m eating and when I eat. Smoothies in the morning and salads for lunch healthy tea and I have found that eating earlier is helping. I am still taking my esomeprazole and I’m going to try without them soon will keep you posted. All in all I am so grateful to you, I feel so much better.

56 year old female  |  diverticular disease (discomfort and pain regularly in stomach, pain goes through to back) and prevention as heart disease, cancer and diabetes in the family

I am doing very well. I have had scan of gall bladder, kidneys, spleen, liver etc and all is looking very good. Tummy was a little unhappy for a while over Christmas, put it down to the rich food and wine etc. So back on track now with healthier options and feeling great.


  • Low-FODMAP diet in conjunction with supplements.
  • Stress reduction (stress and diverticular disease linked).
  • Advised to remove toxins in the environment (cancer)
  • Advised to introduce weight bearing exercises for bone health
  • Reduce intake of chocolate and replace with 80% cocoa (ate a lot of chocolate)
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Stop using microwave
  • Increase fruit and veg. for fibre.

Client’s pain disappeared and she is eating a full and varied diet. She has lost weight and feels full of energy!

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52 year old male  |  heart health (2 stents fitted a year before), cholesterol levels

Despite now leading a relatively healthy lifestyle, client had a long history of stress at work, travelling with work, historic high blood pressure and various illnesses.  Took 7 different medications.

  • Increase heart healthy foods and suggested diet also included nutrients that support the liver to encourage cholesterol elimination.
  • Increase fruit and vegetables and take suggested supplements.
  • Client to continue with yoga and stress reduction strategies.
  • Client to try and reduce medication in conjunction with consultant as has dramatically changed his diet and lifestyle.

Client extremely happy with the results over such a short period of time.

The client said:

“Just to let you know I had my annual check up with cardiologist yesterday and was very happy with results. Stress test etc all fine but most excitedly the blood results are tremendous!

LDL 1.42, HDL 1.39, HDL ratio 2.76! Can the suggestions/ changes we agreed really have made such an impact in such a short time?! Anyway I’m delighted. Only slight negative is that Triglycerides are touch high at 2.26 but I’m pretty sure that’s because I hadn’t been told to fast when I did the blood test…?

Could I suggest a follow up session with you please in the new year and we can look at next steps and to think about starting to reduce the drugs but I’m very encouraged. Thank you so much!!

I’ll keep taking the spirulina!”

After a recent illness I wanted to change my lifestyle and especially my diet. Being unsure who to trust I decided to run with two Nutritional Therapists in parallel to see who was best and to verify that the advice provided was consistent. Nicola was so far superior in every respect. She provided a much better, more comprehensive information and a more personalised service. Yes the overall conclusions were similar but Nicola’s final reports was very specific and tailored exactly for my needs (as opposed to standard hand outs from the other person). I continue to have follow up appointments with Nicola to keep everything on track and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

55 year old female  |  high cholesterol, over weight, aches and pains (could hardly get out of her car)

Client has lost nearly 2 stone and kept it off. She is off all medication and her cholesterol levels are back to normal. She no longer has the aches and pains and has started weight lifting (bone health) with her husband – a great outcome and she was sad to stop emailing but I could no longer find anything wrong with her diet – she ate better than I did!!


  • Increase foods that contain fibre and anti-oxidants to reduce cholesterol levels. Cut out processed foods and reduce cakes, biscuits etc. which contain trans fats which are more detrimental to heart health.
  • Balance blood sugar for overall health and well-being and weight loss.
  • Increase fruit and vegetable intake (currently only on 2 max per day) and take MVM and fish oil to build up stores as many of the symptoms could be attributed to deficiencies.
  • Consider reducing medication in conjunction with doctor as it can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies and indicated in osteoporosis (aches and pains)
  • Come off “lighter life”

Client came to see me for an initial consultation and two follow ups as well as email support for 3 months.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Thomas Edison, US Inventor

27 year old female  |  IBS, anxiety/stress, hormone related migraines


  • Client to follow Low-FODMAP diet for 6 weeks then re-introduce foods to see which she can tolerate – in conjunction with gut healing and gut flora balancing (using supplements and healing foods)
  • Balance blood sugar by eating the right foods at the right time.
  • Reduce stress levels by taking time out for herself and looking at her work diary.
  • Increase exercise but only when she has the energy otherwise look to low impact exercise such as yoga

Client’s IBS symptoms have disappeared unless she eats the foods she knows she has an issue with (namely gluten) or has a lot of stress.  The client has also recently come off the contraceptive pill and has not experienced any hormonal migraines at the time of her periods.  Client’s skin has also become much clearer and glowing – she is very happy and recently commented that if she has a baby she will bring her straight to see me if there are any issues!

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